Judo Sensei

Doug Graham, Roku-Dan (6th Dan) Lead Instructor & USJI certificated Master instructor.

He started Judo at Kent Meridian High School in 1959 as a sophomore getting his Shodan in 1960 as a Jr.. His main competitive years were at San Jose State Univ., when he was on the team for 3 years and one year as a grad student. He coached the Kent schools Judo team as from 1972 through his retirement in 2001. His major awards included 2 golds from the Pan American Games, a silver from the World University Games, a gold, and 2 silvers from the Sr. National and a gold, and 2 silvers from the College and Nationals.

Philip Davis, Yo-Dan (4th Dan) Curriculum lead & USJI certificated Associate instructor.

Qualifications: BA International Studies (Sophia U.,Tokyo, 1979). MA Univ. Washington 1984. Teaching Certificate, Wash State, OSPI.; Competition: Seventy (70) Kodokan Monthly contests & Seven,(7) Red/White competitions. 4th Place Kodokan All Foreigner’s Tournament (open weight) Coaching: Kent Schools Judo Team 1984-2006, Volunteer Coach, Ass’t Coach, & Head.

Nausikka Davis, Ni-Dan (2nd Dan)

Nausikaa is an active Judo competitor in training. She started Judo through the Kent Parks and Rec. Program when she was about six years old and began her competitive training when she was a freshman. Nausikaa participated in the Kent Schools Varsity Judo Program all four years with Kentridge High School and was voted team captain for her senior year. Nausikaa competes regularly in local and National level competitions. Her Judo background also includes multiple training sessions in Tokyo, Japan. In 2005, she placed 1st at the Continental Crown Points Tournament and 3rd place at the Chicago, Illinois Collegiate Tournament and received the Sportsmanship Award. Nausikaa enjoys working with kids and peers sharing both the mental and physical benefits of Judo. She strives to pass on the knowledge and values she has learned and is still learning to this day. Nausikaa is currently juggling work, school, Judo training, and volunteer coaching. She will be attending Eastern Washington University in the fall of 2008 where she plans to continue her Judo training while striving for her teaching degree and coaching certifications.

Kazuemon Davis, Ni-Dan (2nd Dan) USJI certificated Associate instructor.

He has been involved in Judo through his family since grade school. He is attended Kentridge High School and participated in the Kent High School Judo Program for four years. He was the team captain in 1995. He participated in high school exchange mission to Japan 1993. Graduated Seattle U. Law School.

Craig Fujimoto, Sho-Dan (1st Dan) USJI certificated Associate instructor.

Coming from Hawaii, He has many years experience in and around judo mat. Both of his children continue to be involved in judo. As a mat technician, he excels in ashiwaza, especially ko-uchi-gari. He is an original founding member of Community Sports and Zenyu Dojo.