Welcome to Zenyu Judo Dojo

Zenyu LogoZenyu Judo Dojo was started in 2002 as a collaborative effort between by Sam Emmons and the late Prof. George Uchida. Established as the Judo component of Community Sports for Kids, Zenyu’s mission is to provide competition and recreational judo opportunities for the young community in Auburn, Black Diamond, Kent, Maple Valley and Renton areas of south King County.

The name ZENYU was bequeathed to the dojo by Prof. George S. Uchida. After a judo career that spanned seven decades, the Professor made the establishment of ZENYU dojo his last and culminating project of a life dedicated to teaching judo. In doing so, he selected two Chinese ideograms that connote the essence of what an individual should derive from the study of the discipline and art of judo. The character ‘zen‘() means “good” or “beneficial” The second character ‘yu‘() signifies “fortitude” or “courage”. With this Zenyu Dojo strives to educate young people who are individuals of strong moral character, and who will go on to lead meaningful lives.